What are Cyber Investigations?

Cyber Investigations include the traditional areas of analysis and digital forensics which are part of responding to a hacking incident. But at TEC Inquiries, we combine the data found on computer/cell phone with other investigative techniques such as Open Source Intenet searches, Dark Web searches, interviews, and public record searches. We bring to bear decades of law enforcement and intelligence background working on these cases and we use this experience to identify persons behind email accounts, IP addresses, phone numbers and web sites.

We are experienced with indentifying and tracking crypto currencies, working on business email comprise schemes, phishing schemes, and cyber stalking/harrasment cases. In addition, we have years of cyber experience having successfully investigated numerous computer intrusions, intellectual property, internet fraud and crimes against children cases. Some of the more interesting cases we have worked on while employed in law enforcement include:

• Many infamous violent crimes including the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting in 2016, as well as other notorious kidnappings and homicides in California from 1996-2015.

• Investigations involving terrorism, such as the capture and conviction of former members of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), associated with Patty Hearst, and the prosecution of the Unabomber, 9/11, among others.

• Combating computer crimes involving joint investigations with former KGB agents, executing search warrants and interviewing subjects of computer crimes in the former Soviet Union.

• Investigating terrorism matters in Europe and Middle East involving computer/cyber issues.

• Investigating computer intrusions and data exfiltration matters involving US corporations and foreign cyber actors.