Computer Forensics

At Tec Inquiries we treat computer forensics like it should be treated, “a science”.

Computer forensics takes places in two phases.  Phase one of computer forensics is the practice of properly handling, copying and collecting data in a forensically sound manner.  The second phase of computer forensics is recovering, analyzing and reporting the findings of the data with the intent of presenting facts and opinions about the digital information that is relevant to the matter at hand.  We utilize processes that are standardized in the computer forensics industry along with procedures in which any other forensic expert would be able to validate, test and reproduce with the same outcome. Let it be computer towers, desktop computers or laptops, we can create forensically sound images of those devices (see the Device Imaging page for further information) and conduct an analysis of the data on that device.

When it comes to computer forensics, TEC Inquiries Data & Digital Consulting offers a number of services

Analysis of Documents, Emails, Photos, Videos, Web history, User Data & Deleted Data

Creating Timelines of an Event or Events

Fraud and Forgery

Employee Theft

Trade Secrets and Patent Rights Violations


Criminal, Civil and Family Law Litigation

Employment Disputes

Inappropriate use of Email or Internet Usage

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