Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices are the most commonly used digital platform by people today and are rapidly changing on a daily basis.

With most people possessing more than one mobile device, information lives across a variety of locations and has been proven to be an extremely valuable source of information in almost every type of investigation. TEC Inquiries Data & Digital Consulting uses a wide range of software tools to acquire, preserve, analyze and report on digital data which is recovered from these devices.

We bring years of imaging mobile phones, tablets, iPods, iPads and GPS devices to are clients. We offer services from:

Intellectual Property/Trade Secrets

Employee/HR Litigations



Civil Litigation

Family Law

Internal Investigations

Analysis of SMS, MMS, User Contacts, Call Logs, Emails, Pictures, Videos, User History, Search History, GPS Location, 3rd Party Application Data and Databases, Documents, Files and Social Media.

Analysis of Upper Management and Corporate Executives Mobile Devices who may have access to proprietary documents or files to ensure theft doesn’t occur prior to termination

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