Advanced Services

In traditional digital forensics, hardware and software tools are utilized to conduct acquisitions of digital media.

Due to the fast pace and ever-growing platform of technology, traditional hardware and software “don’t always” support or obtain data because software engineers cannot meet the supply and demands that the phone manufacturers produce digital devices. Add the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), such as the Google Dot, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, ecobee4, Nest, Piper, Drones, Schlage, Sonos, and the Roost just to name a few, we can determine that data lives everywhere. Getting that data is now the challenging part. This is where Tec Inquiries Advanced Services is here to assist you. Our staff has the training and knowledge on how to acquire data from most of these devices. We use advanced techniques such as JTAG, ISP, and Chip-Off to aid us in collecting some of this data. This is where our clients like to utilize the At Home Services (AHS) portion of Tec Inquiries. It’s easy, contact us at Tec Inquiries and one of our staff members will provide you with step by step instructions on how to send us your digital device or devices that follow Chain of Custody (COC) protocols.

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