About TEC Inquiries

Our team, comprised of former FBI agents and law enforcement officers, have experience in both state and federal court.

The team at TEC Inquiries, Inc. includes the former heads of the FBI’s Digital Forensic Laboratory in Tampa as well as the head of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Digital Laboratory. We combine our experience in investigating complex cases with our expertise in computers and digital evidence to provide our clients with the bulletproof evidence they need to help them win their court cases.

TEC Inquiries has been in continuous business since 1990 when it was founded by retired FBI agent Tommy E Cauthen.   We are licensed and insured up to $1 million per case.  With TEC Inquiries, you can be assured your matter will be kept confidential and any evidence will be processed and stored in a secure facility.  From evidence collection, analysis, and presentation at trial, – TEC Inquiries is your best solution.

Our certifications include CISSP, GCFE, GCFA, GSEC, CFCE, among many others.

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