Expert Witness

The wonderful thing about dealing with Tech Inquiries is that the client can feel very comfortable in knowing that our staff has the training and experience in handling their evidence and their case.

Our staff has worked hard in law enforcement for over 60 years and has been heavily involved in local, state and federal cases. As expert witnesses, we have been involved in civil and criminal proceedings and worked with attorneys on both sides of the aisle. Fortunately, our staff has had the opportunity to work cases from the beginning to the end. What we mean by this is the majority of the time after law enforcement makes an arrest, their part is completed. Our staff has worked countless cases after those arrests have been made, alongside attorneys, to help review evidence and how to correctly have evidence introduced into a court of law. We help to plan and assist in those hard discussions on what to and what not to charge, locating and re-interviewing victims and making sure that the proper preparation and attention to detail have taken place before trial and testification.

Digital forensics and the information that comes from it can be very difficult for someone to understand or to explain to someone else that hasn’t had countless hours of training and experience. Our staff can take complex information and provide easy to understand analogies to either an attorney, judge, juror or just one of our clients. We attempt to help make things simple and understandable to all involved.

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