Shining a Light on the Dark Web

You have probably heard of the Dark Web, but are not sure exactly what it is. Its very name suggests something ominous and scary. The truth is that there are few reasons for the average person to go on the Dark Web. It has the well deserved reputation for being a place frequented by hackers, cyber criminals and people who are trying to hide their tracks.

What is the Dark Web? In short, it is a special network that provides anonymity on the Internet. It looks like the regular Internet, but the the connections are encrypted. The Dark Web is designed to prevent anyone, including the government, from tracking your Internet activity. This includes browsing and searching, but also running a website! In fact websites abound on the Dark Web offering all kinds of illegal information and contraband. Some of the things you can find on Dark Web sites include drugs, hacking services, stolen identities, fake identity cards, and more. If your personal information has been stolen, hacked or compromised – it very well be available for sale on the Dark Web. If you, or your company, are being targeted by hackers or cyber criminals – it could very well be disclosed on the Dark Web.

In some cases you may want to try to find information about yourself, or your company, on the Dark Web. Companies who are targeted by hackers, for example, can find information here about whether they are being targeted by a hacking group, or if they have already been compromised.

The problem with the finding data you want on the Dark Web is that the normal search engines, like Google or Bing, don’t work well on the Dark Web. Instead, searches require a lot of gumshoe detective work by manually visiting sites and gaining the trust of other users. It takes knowledge and experience finding information on the Dark Web. This is not the kind of work that is effectively done by machines. It takes an actual person to do this task well.

At TEC Inquiries, we can help you navigate the dangerous world of the Dark Web and shine a light on your searches!